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ICIE and BVMW: Multilateral cooperation remains necessary for the recovery of the world economy

Moscow, April 6, 2018

In Moscow, the President of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE) Artem Chayka and the CEO of the Association of Small and Medium Businesses of Germany (BVMW) Markus Jerger met. The parties discussed topical issues of cooperation In the framework of the Memorandum of Interaction signed earlier, as well as new opportunities for further development of mutually beneficial relations between business representatives, ICIE members and BVMW.

Despite all the external political differences between a number of countries, the sides confirmed their intentions to continue searching for ways of economic interaction between industrialists and entrepreneurs of the countries of the Eurasian subcontinent, including Russia and Germany.

«At the moment, there is a huge discrepancy between the power of the global economy and the breadth of geopolitical, financial and operational risks faced by governments and companies. We are sure that in the current situation, cooperation between industrialists and entrepreneurs from different countries remains necessary to maintain the dynamics of world activity, strengthening of medium-term prospects and ensuring world economic integration»- the ICIE President Artem Chayka said at the end of the meeting.

About BVMW

Association of Small and Medium Business of Germany (BVMW) unites 900 thousand companies with more than 15 million employees and has more than 300 offices in Germany and 40 offices around the world. The aggregate GDP of member- companies of the Association is more than 1 200 billion US dollars. Over the past decades, this organization has become an important and reliable contact for entrepreneurs and politicians on all important economic and political issues. The Association was founded in 1975.